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We are proud to be the H WINDOW DEALER for North Dakota and Montana.

H Windows and doors installed by Central City Remodelers - Juanita Lake, ND

H Window delivers the highest performance available and best air infiltration rating of any window in North America.    

We are also happy to carry a Therm-O-Loc windows replacement special which is priced for every budget. 

(Please see our HOME page for the WINDOW SPECIAL on Therm-O-Loc windows.


H Window Installation in ND Residence

Every H Window is custom built to your exact requirements. This makes H Windows ideal for both new construction and your most challenging remodeling projects. After all, windows should be built to meet your exact size requirements, not just the closest standard size available.  The window in this picture can be flipped completely around, so you can clean it from inside the house.  The H Window offers unlimited exterior colors and your choice of real wood interiors with factory applied finishes of a furniture grade.


Foster County Courthouse Dome Restoration using H Windows - Carrington, ND

The H Window is the number one choice for commercial or institutional projects when safety, security, maintenance cost, energy savings and thermal performance is a consideration.  Whether it be schools, office buildings, governmental structures, more... H Window can deliver unparalleled performance.  As well, H Window provided a variety of options, such as double/triple/four paned windows that include a mini-blind system.


Check out this great video showing how these innovative windows are made at the H Window Company.