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We have the perfect walk-in tub to fit your needs! Many different sizes and models to choose from... which will fit right into your normal bathroom space. Take a look at the stats:

American Made Walk-in Tub with hydro/air jets installed by Central City Remodelers of Carrington, ND

  • ~Stainless steel inter-frame for the highest structural integrity
  • ~Fiberglass with gel-coat finish
  • ~Available with right or left entry
  • ~High-flow intake for faster fill-up
  • ~2 inch drain for up to 100% faster water drain.
  • ~Electronic state-of-art jet controls
  • ~Largest air and hydro jets available
  • ~10 fully adjustable hydro jets
  • ~16 air jets.
  • ~Wall mounted shower system available
  • ~Largest variety of tub size


Walk-in tub with hydrojets, air jets and shower system - Central City Remodelers, Carrington ND

 Did you know that a Home Safety Council survey revealed that homeowners consider the bathroom the second most dangerous room in the house? 

A walk-in tub alleviates many of the problems where safety and accessibility are a concern.   There is only a very short step up into the tub...  Plus, strategically placed grab bars also help getting in and out of the tub safely.  

Additionally, you can place your full weight on the door and the sides of the tub for balance while entering and exiting.

Overall, your feeling of safety and comfort increases immensely with a walk-in tub.


Our tubs are the highest quality, made-in-America products... guaranteed not to leak!

We have sold and installed hundreds of the Bliss Walk-In Tubs for over 6 years with almost no service issues.

We offer a comprehensive ten year warranty for the tub body and water-tight door seal, and two year warranty for all tub components.

We try to keep the price of a completely installed top-of-the-line walk-in tub (with air & hydro-jets) under $10,000.  

Our price includes all finish work with your bathroom looking nicely remodeled, clean, new and ready to use.  


Walk-in tub with hydrojets, air jets and shower system - Central City Remodelers, Carrington ND

We're currently offering a $6,990 WALK IN TUB SPECIAL WHICH INCLUDES:

  • --Removal of Existing Tub/Shower
  • --Disposal of Waste
  • --Installation of Standard Size Bliss Walk-in Tub  

(excludes 33" and 35" wide)

  • --Features Fiberglass with Gel-coat Finish
  • --All Chrome Fixtures
  • --Hand-held Shower Attachment
  • --Standard Size Attractive Acrylic Surround

WALK SAFELY INTO  your tub and...

 ENJOY the comfort of soaking 

in your  own private, safe little spa.