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Best Bath & Bliss Walk-in Tubs

Central City Remodelers is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Bliss Walk In Tubs for North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

The Bliss Walk In Tub features:
Stainless steel inter-frame for the highest structural integrity
Fiberglass with gel-coat finish
Available with right or left entry
High-flow intake for faster fill-up
2 inch drain for up to 100% faster water drain.
Electronic state-of-art jet controls
Largest air and hydro jets available
10 fully adjustable hydro jets
16 air jets.
Wall mounted shower system available
Largest verity of tub size
We have sold and installed hundreds of the Bliss Walk In Tubs for over 3 years with almost no service issues.
We chose the Bliss Walk In Tub over all its competitors because of it had the best features available and the company’s commitment to quality and service after the sale.

There are many models to choose from...


Model B305546 ~ Deep Walk-in Tub

Size: 30 W x 55 L x 46 H (inches)

Bliss Tubs’ deep walk-in tub provides several additional inches of water depth for the upper body area.  As a result, you will enjoy the extra comfort of a “full tub” experience.  More...

Model B3555 ~ Extra Wide Walk-In Tub

Size: 35 W x 55 L x 40 H (inches)

The Bliss B3555 Extra-Wide Walk-in Tub was designed with comfort and spaciousness in mind. The 27-inch wide seat is among the largest in the industry and the 23-inch wide doorway is contoured to match the body's natural shape. This walk-in tub is perfect for bathers with a full figure who need the extra room from a bariatric walk-in bathtub.

Model B3054 ~ Most Popular Walk-in Tub

Size: 29.5 W x 54 L x 38 H (inches)

The Bliss Model B3054 is a roomy walk-in tub that works well for most walk-in tub bathers. This model comes with a six-inch wide extension kit which can fill in a 60 inch space or cut to tailor the fit to less than 60 inches.



Central City Remodelers can design your choice of a Walk-In Tub to fit nicely into your current tub space and replace your current tub in as little as one day.


For more information and details, click here to visit ND Walk-In Tubs.








A Walk-in Tub Can Be Your Best Investment


There are many reasons seniors and their loved ones might want to invest in a walk-in tub.


The first reason is the most common: Normal bathing comes with a real fear of falling in the bathtub. With over 4.6 million bathroom injuries a year, avoiding the personal and medical complications of an unfortunate fall is a key reason to invest in a walk-in bathtub.


The medical AND FINANCIAL complications of a fall or pre-existing conditions provide a second reason for making the step forward: A walk-in bathtub is cheaper than a just a few months in a nursing home. With the average cost of nursing homes and senior living at about $3000-$4000 per month, investing in a walk-in tubs can help save your family tens of thousands of dollars.


As a clinically recommended method for preventative care and rejuvenation, the third reason to invest is for your health. Perhaps, you have had hip replacement surgery, arthritis, knee problems, and the list goes on. Many of your ailments would benefit from a nice hot bath - especially in the case of arthritis sufferers.


I f you can step over a 6 inch threshold, and can get up and sit down in a normal chair while holding onto handrails, then you should look into your walk-in tub options.


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We're now in the process of expanding our business and have extended our services to ALL of North Dakota, South Dakota & Eastern Montana!





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